All ProgramsStrengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Program Topics for Youth Include:

  • Group Rules
  • Conversation Skills
  • Social Skills, Giving and Accepting Rules
  • Creating Good Behavior, Secret Rules of Success
  • How to Say "no" to Trouble
  • Communicating - Speaking and Listening
  • Communicating - Discussing
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs, Substance Abuse
  • Problem Solving
  • Parent's Game, Giving Directions
  • Coping Skills - Recognizing Feelings
  • Coping Skills - Dealing with Criticism
  • Coping Skills - Dealing with Anger
  • Finding Resources for Help 

The Strengthening Families Program Topics for Parents Include:

  • Building Resiliency in Youth - Listening for Feelings - Supporting Children's Goals
  • Characteristics of pre-teens/teens and building a strong relationship
  • Using "I" statements with youth
  • Using consequences for misbehavior
  • Setting rules and monitoring behavior
  • Parents as teachers, involvement with school, protecting against drug and alcohol abuse, using parenting tools to solve problems