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Focus on Consequences is a six-hour group educational intervention program which utilizes an intensive interactive format.  A practical, productive challenge is offered for those who indicate problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling and related issues such as DWI, DOT positive drug screen or work, family or community problems and drug courts.

People come to the attention of courts, school administrators, employers, EAPs, and attorneys for exhibiting behaviors which may be early warning signs of an alcohol, drug problem, or addiction problems.  Yet a large number of these people do not undergo any formal education, more often than not, they slip through gaps in the current continuum of services.

For many, a brief intervention can initiate a process of self-reflection conducive to behavioral change.  Others may benefit from referral for diagnostic assessment to determine if they require a higher level of care.  Focus on Consequences helps to serve this frequently overlooked population.

"Many users are not yet dependent.  They do not require treatment but they do need intervention."  There is a need for "early identification programs for those...who do not yet perceive the negative consequences of their use," - Dr. Andrea Barthwell, Deputy Director of Demand Reduction