About Us

ECCPASA Council Values

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency are diseases that can be prevented and/or treated
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependent persons and their families have value and can be helped.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abusing/Dependent persons and their families are entitled to help.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Dependency are Public Health Problems and therefore prevention, treatment, and recovery are public responsibilities. 



ECCPASA staff is well-qualified and knowledgeable in the field of addiction, prevention education, family dynamics, and the community in which we serve. While working in the community staff uses a combination of knowledge, skills, behavior theories, and methods to interpret situations and to process possible actions to take.

ECCPASA staff has a compelling enthusiasm to assist those in need and devotion to the community, students, and clients with whom we interact with on a daily basis. This links tot he ECCPASA mission by promoting and supporting the health and wellness of individuals within the Erie County community. 

ECCPASA staff believes in helping and guiding all they serve to make wise choices in order to enable them to better their well-being. Staff assists, encourages, supports, teaches, and provides tools necessary to assist others in these changes. ECCPASA staff believes in encouraging and developing self-sufficiency skills by increasing spiritual awareness to strengthen individuals and communities.

Quality: A Degree of Excellence
ECCPASA staff is dedicated to delivering up to date, science-based strategies to distinguish our work. By delivering first-rate work in the community that is gained from experience, knowledge, and data, staff exudes professionalism and excellence in the field.

ECCPASA staff adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. Staff is respectful in their interactions and conscientiously upholds the qualities of honesty, sincerity, and uprightness. 

ECCPASA staff celebrates differences and believes in the inclusion of all people in our programming, staffing and board representation. Staff believes in the importance of being able to accept individuals for who they are and what they represent.